Pull Ahead Program

Learn About The Smithtown Acura Pull Ahead Program 

What is the AFS Acura Pull Ahead Program?

The AFS Acura Pull Ahead Program is an Acura Owner loyalty offer that targets existing, RL, ILX,TL and RDX model lease customers. Customers in good standing are sent a pre-approval offer from AFS along with a waiver for up to three (3) remaining payments when they sign a new AFS lease, retail or Acura Leadership Purchase Plan (LPP) Contract. These Lease Clients must have lease contracts maturing between January 2, 2017 and July 1, 2017

For this particular program:
•  Not all eligible clients will be eligible. Please see our Lease Retention Manager, John Schepp or Client Care Specialist, Marissa DePalma.

How is AFS contacting customers about the Pull Ahead Program?

AFS is mailing qualified customers an offer letter followed by a direct mail piece 120 days prior to maturity date. In addition to the mailed offer, American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC) Lease Maturity Center (LMC) representatives will promote the Pull Ahead Program to qualified clients via customer phone calls to discuss the opportunity to work with the Pull Ahead Program. Smithtown Acura is also contacting clients to discuss options for lease end.

Do customers have to sign new AFS lease contracts to qualify for Pull Ahead benefits?

Qualified customers can sign a new AFS lease, retail or LPP contracts on any new Acura vehicle and get Pull Ahead benefits.

Do clients have to sign new AFS contracts on another RL, ILX,TL and RDX to get the Pull Ahead Program?

No. Qualified customers can choose any new Acura vehicle and get Pull Ahead benefits. They do not have to choose the same model they are currently driving.

Acura Pull Ahead Program

The Acura Financial Services (AFS) ALL Acura Pull Ahead Program is intended for current RL, ILX,TL and RDX customers whose AFS Lease contracts mature between certain dates within the 2017 Year. Please call us at 631-366-6000 EXT 431  to verify all information and to see if you Qualify for the Acura Pull Ahead Program.

Letters to qualified clients will include:

  • An offer to waive up to three remaining payments on an existing AFS Lease Contract
  • A pre-approval amount
  • The originating Acura Dealership name and phone number for the client’s convenience


Here at Smithtown Acura we sincerely hope that your Acura lease has been enjoyable. As the end of your lease approaches we want to make sure that you make the best decision for your ever changing needs.

Inspection of your Acura Lease before the Turn In Date is recommended, not required.
Should you wish to contact SGS Inspection they will meet you at home, work or here at Smithtown Acura.

Leasing with another manufacturer and worried about the lease turn in process? 

Smithtown Acura makes it easy for you. Smithtown Acura is able to work with you in turning vehicles of all makes and models. If it is leased and you want to turn it in to us we can help!!! We do all of the paperwork and deal directly with your manufacturer to make you busy life just a little bit easier. Call our Sales Department at (631)366-6000 and one of our trained Sales & Leasing Consultants can answer any of your questions and schedule you for an appointment to sit down and review your many options. Thank you for your interest in Smithtown Acura.
These are just some of the end of term options for your Acura Lease.

  • Return your vehicle to Smithtown Acura and lease a new one.
  • Purchase your leased vehicle with help from Smithtown Acura.

Call us Today at (631) 366-6000
or you can email us at upgradeteam@smithtownacura.com for our Lease Maturity Team.


Let us handle all of the paperwork regarding your lease return and even get money for doing it!
Smithtown Acura’s lease bonus program!

  1. $200 cash in your pocket with each Acura or Honda lease return.
  2. ($250) to put toward the purchase of any vehicle in stock.
  3. Double your cash ($300) to put toward the purchase of any Pre-Owned Vehicle in stock.
    *Smithtown Acura reserves the right to refuse any lease for any reason.
    Only Honda and Acura Financial Service’s vehicles are eligible for the above listed program.
    Money will be distributed by check.

Please call the Lease Retention Manager, John Schepp at 631-366-6000 ext. 424 OR Marissa DePalma , Our Client Care/Upgrade Specialist if you have any questions.

*In order to receive this offer:

  • Your vehicle must have under 50K miles.
  • Your vehicle must have a clean CARFAX
  • Receive up to $200 (only if we purchase back the vehicle)